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We’ve put together a selection of brands and products for you that we believe is an could exciting choice for everyone.

Our senses are there to use them well - At Scent Elements, we provide our customers with scented and clean air spaces, with state-of-the-art fragrance technology and hygiene solutions.

Tradition, Naturalness, Innovation and Style

Combining tradition and state-of-the-art production processes, our family manufactory represents a new direction in the world of natural and handmade soaps.

The special power of the soap family that contains only natural ingredients, from the world-famous thermal water of Hévíz, every drop of which is treated as a treasure.


In a joint project with Luca Kohut-Görömbei, the creator of the Glass House, the unique-looking bottles of the Awen collection were born. We chose a  wonderful selection for you from our pieces if art.

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