We are lovers of scents. We believe that a scent determines our everyday life, our mood. It changes, cheers, reminds.


Like a melody, a poem or a rhyme.


The birth of a fragrance is art itself.

Our collection, Awen, first appeared to the general public in the spring of 2019, and we have been following the appearance of clean lines and elegant scents ever since. In our creations, we draw inspiration from the events of the outside world, and beyond all this, we are also filled with the charm of novelties. The pieces of our collection are enriched with air perfumes, handmade scented candles, perfume solutions for smaller and larger air spaces, as well as handicraft products.


We have a long history of scenting hotels, which is why it was important for us to provide a high quality fragrance experience into homes as well.


We believe that every drop of fragrance is accompanied by a memory, and as these drops become a wonderful composition, they become an important part of our daily lives.


Hungarian concept, international perception, Dutch content. Attention, professionalism and premium quality.