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Corporate gift

A fragrance package that your partners will remember


Did you know that we remember scents most intensely? The area of the brain responsible for recognizing scents is located right next to the brain regions responsible for emotions, so scents always evoke emotions. If we sense a scent, we also associate the emotions of that time with it, and this can be recalled with great certainty later.

Gift your partners Joy, care, appreciation, good mood! Our premium fragrances convey this message to your partners. Our fragrance packages are elegantly packaged, represent a sleek design and appearance, and our diffusers, which also function as a decoration for your home or office, contain exclusive fragrances available only from us.

This gift, which is sure not to “walk around” among acquaintances, won’t land in the drawer because everyone loves pleasant scents. Your partners will be put out in the office or used in their home and your gift with your own logo will remind them of you and your company every day.

We offer a variety of packages, from gift box (all packaging is gift box with us!) Fragrance variations to your own branded products to your own fragrances developed directly for your own brand. We get it because we are lovers of scents. We believe that a scent determines our everyday life, our mood.

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