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Moulin Rouge mini scented candle

Our candles are made from a mixture of canola and coconut wax instead of the main alternatives, as it is the best environmentally friendly wax, with a lower melting point than other waxes. Canola and coconut wax are vegan and 100% plant-based and water-soluble, so you can wash the dish with some soapy, warm/hot water and reuse it.

We like to think of our products as full sensory experiences – from the minimal packaging to the warm candlelight and delicate aromas that fill a room.

All that's left is to light an Awen mini and Bon Voyage!

Moulin Rouge mini scented candle

5 900 FtPrice
  • Extravagant and passionate, a mixture of a truly rich fragrance world.

    A fragrance that tells its own story! In the past period, we were inspired and a decision was made. This time we created a fragrance that tells its own story! And the name of our fragrance is none other than Moulin Rouge!

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