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IDYLL- refill for reed diffuser (250ml) + 7 chopsticks

We created our Idyll fragrance with unlimited freedom of imagination, in which the fragrance notes depict the ideal as reality.

This fragrance reflects simple happiness and conveys its atmosphere in every drop of fragrance.

It was born with a smile and exudes happiness around itself!


Fragrance notes:


Head scent: lemon, lime, forest fruit
Heart scent: green leaves, magnolia, lily of the valley

Base scent: sandalwood, white musk, cotton candy

IDYLL- refill for reed diffuser (250ml) + 7 chopsticks

14 990 FtPrice
  • Sweet dream, fruity charm!

    The Idyll fragrance is a sweetly warming playful fragrance.

    Through the fruits of the forest, we can experience a truly close-to-nature experience, and then all this is further enhanced by the scent of sweet cotton candy, which evokes childhood memories. As the composition is completed, a rich delicate scent of sweet sandalwood appears, as well as white musk and magnolia, which give the composition a warming undertone.

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